3 reasons to join the march on 18 October

The TUC is calling a national demonstration on October the 18th in Central London, and we want to send a message loud and clear to employers and politicians across the board that Britain needs a pay rise. That’s what a real recovery looks like.

We want you to be there but we don’t just want you to come,  we want you to bring your friends, your families, your neighbours and your workmates,  so that we make this a big and brilliant demonstration.

Here is why:

1. Poverty Pay

One in five people earn less than the living wage. For the first time more people in work are below the poverty line than those out of work.

The spread of zero-hours contracts, agency working and bogus self-employment is trapping many below the poverty line.

2. The Cost of Living Crisis

We are told that the economy is now recovering and that Britain’s costs of living crisis is over.  But whose recovery is this? Ordinary people are £40 a week worse off in real-terms than they were five years ago.

And if bankers hadn’t crashed the economy and wages growth had stayed on track then workers on average would have £100 more in their pay packets every week.

3. Rising Inequality

Of course it’s not tough for everybody. In 1998 top chief executives earned 45 times the average wage – enough for anyone I’d say.

But now they earn 185 times as much.  That means they have earned what most people earn over 12 months in just a day and a half.

One key driver of the economic crash was growing pay inequality. Long before our banks went bust people’s wages had stopped growing.

This is why Britain needs a pay rise

– and it’s why we want you all to join us on the demonstration on October 18th, so we can build a real recovery to last in which everybody shares.

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March forms up from 11am on Victoria Embankment, before heading to a rally in Hyde Park. More info on getting there.

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