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Britain Needs A Pay Rise LIVE coverage: #18oct as it happens

Follow the TUC’s 18 October London march and rally online with our live coverage.

Why Middle Britain will be marching on #18oct

We often think of the cost of living crisis as just a  low pay problem but even people with steady jobs are struggling to make ends meet.

I am a classic example of the squeezed middle. I earn £34,000 working as an environmental regulator in Cornwall which on the face of it sounds like a reasonable salary.

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What’s your #18oct playlist?

Music is a great way to get people’s attention and help to get a last minute boost for the march. If you’re listening to the radio at work, or on the way to the demo, why not put in a request?

Why writers are marching on #18oct

Writers are an integral part of the creative industries, which contribute a staggering £36 billion a year to the UK economy, attracting investment and tourism, creating jobs and raising tax revenues to fund public services. We generate much of the material that drives these industries, yet many of us struggle to survive.

Why midwives are marching on #18oct

In September I completed a challenging midwifery degree and am about to start a career I’ve long aspired to. But I begin with a certain amount of anxiety, as I have spent the last 3 years working alongside colleagues who are overworked, underpaid and under resourced.

Mobile app for updates on #18oct

We’ve updated the TUC’s campaigns app for mobiles, TUClive, to feature a handy guide to the logistics for Saturday’s march. Download it now to get prepared.

Why are you marching on #18oct?

Union members tell us why they and their colleagues will be out on the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march on Saturday 18 October.

Tell your local paper why you’re marching on #18oct

Getting good coverage of the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march in local media will be very important in getting the word out and making it as big as possible. Can you write a letter to your local paper? We’ve got a tool to help.

Why cinema workers are marching on #18oct

I work in an arthouse Cinema chain and am part of a huge campaign that started in October last year, when we asked our employer to pay the London Living Wage (a figure calculated by an independent group called the Living Wage Foundation).

This resulted in 16 weeks of industrial strike action and a media campaign that became larger than we could ever have expected. 

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Solidarity with striking NHS staff ahead of #18oct

Today’s national strike over pay in the NHS has been the first for 32 years, but hundreds of thousands of workers in our health service have been pushed to the limit by six years of pay freezes and caps.

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March forms up from 11am on Victoria Embankment, before heading to a rally in Hyde Park. More info on getting there.

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