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Briefings for coach passengers

Guidance for people coming by coach to the demonstration. You’ll need to complete the last stages of your journey by public transport, so here are some of our suggestions.

Getting active to help build #18oct

We’re hearing some great stories from union activists around the country about what they’re doing to build for the demonstration on 18 October.

Glasgow and Belfast marches to coincide with #18oct

18 October is set to be an even bigger day, as trade unions in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be staging marches to coincide with the TUC’s  national demonstration in London.

The Scottish Trade Union Congress’ “A Just Scotland” march and rally will gather at Glasgow Green from 10am,

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Get the message out about #18oct on Twitter

Help us make sure as many people as possible know about the march by getting the message out on Twitter. It’s quick and easy – just share one of our graphics now to let people know why we’re marching on #18oct.

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Liberty to provide legal observers for #18oct

We are delighted that Liberty have agreed to provide legal observers for the demonstration, as they have done with previous TUC marches.

Why scientists will be marching on #18oct

Prospect rep Katherine Dunne tells us why many of her colleagues at the National Physical Laboratory are planning to march in London on 18 October.

Why young workers will be marching on #18oct

Spread the word about #18oct

If we want to build this march as large as possible, we’ll need to work really hard to reach every friend, colleague, family member, to let them know what’s happening and how they can get involved. The mainstream media certainly aren’t going to do this for us!

Can you help steward the #18oct march?

To make the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march as safe as possible we are organising volunteer stewards to help out on the day. If you’d like to play a part in making 18 October a day to remember for thousands of marchers, we’d love to hear from you.

Get on the bus to #18Oct

Are you traveling to London for the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march on 18 October? Our friends at campaign website False Economy have started collating information on free or subsidised coaches from around the country.

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March forms up from 11am on Victoria Embankment, before heading to a rally in Hyde Park. More info on getting there.

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