We are working hard to make the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march and rally as accessible as practical.

We’ve looked back at facilities provide on previous marches – which facilities were used and which not, and also listened carefully to feedback from the event.

The sheer size of the event does present real challenges, not least that large areas of central London are likely to be closed to vehicles or completely congested for most of the day, but we are doing what we can to meet these.

We are making special arrangements for people who:

  • wish to join the march at the main assembly point
  • wish to join the last part of the march for a shorter route to the rally
  • wish to go straight to the rally

At Victoria Embankment assembly point

There will be a special assembly point in Savoy St, at the start of the March, for disabled people and wheelchair users who wish to join the demonstration in a group.  There are accessible toilets within a reasonable distance of this assembly point (see map) .  This point will be separately stewarded and will feed into the march via a cordoned-off section along the side of the march.  However, we understand that many disabled people will want to join their union or other groups in the rest of the march instead, so this will not work for everybody. We ask that people form up at this point from 11.00 onwards.

The size of the event means there will be major road closures throughout central London all day on 18 October starting quite early.  Roads around the assembly point will be closed from early in the morning.  However it will be possible to drop off later on Savoy Hill (off Savoy Street WC2).  We need to gather requests for such access in advance so that we can discuss arrangements.

If you will need vehicle access, please complete the online contact form as soon as possible (by Friday 10 October at the latest).

At the short march assembly point

For those who do not wish to walk the whole route of the march, we have arranged an assembly point at the top of St James’ St, close to Green Park Station. There will be accessible toilets within reasonable distance of this assembly point too- as shown in the map- add in link .  This will allow people to join the march for the final stretch into Hyde Park.

We will need people formed up there from 11.30 onwards and ready to go by 12:30.  If you are being dropped off in a vehicle, roads to the south of Piccadilly will be closed from 11.00 and we cannot arrange exceptions for this as access roads will also be closed. However later drop offs can be arranged on the north side of Piccadilly.

We will need to know in advance about anyone coming who needs vehicle access to the short march assembly point so that we can discuss arrangements.  Please complete the short march assembly point information form as soon as possible (by Friday 10 October at the latest).

Of course people can join or leave the march at any point along the route.  It is likely to be moving along Piccadilly from 12:30 to probably at least 14.30, so if people wish to arrive later by tube they can.  Piccadilly, Green Park and Hyde Park Corner are all on the final stretch of the march, of which Green Park has step free access (see TFL step free guide).

On the march

  • We are expecting that there will be First Aid services at the front and rear of the march and there will be trained first aiders distributed along the route.
  • It will not be possible for other vehicles to join the march.
  • Stewards will be briefed on disability issues, particularly those stewarding the assembly points in Savoy St and St James St.

At the rally

We will also be including a number of temporary facilities within Hyde Park, to make access to the rally easier. We anticipate that people will arrive at the rally at approximately 12.45.

  • There will be a British Sign Language signer shown on the giant screen by the main stage.
  • There will be first aid facilities in the park, which will be joined by the ambulance at the front of the march when it arrives.
  • There will be an ‘access hub’ comprising a wheelchair viewing platform and hard surface area, accessible via hard paths that are suitable for wheelchairs and this will be larger than previous years.
  • There will be water supplies for disabled marchers and for guide dogs.
  • There will be disabled access toilets installed in the Park.
  • For those who wish only to go to Hyde Park there will be some limited vehicle access  for taxi/dial-a-ride vehicles and minibus style vehicles either within Hyde Park (though space is very limited) or nearby.  This will only be by pre-arrangement and with a permit issued by the TUC.  Contact us in advance by 10 October

Coach Parking arrangements

Due to the number of coaches coming we are allocating coach drop off and parking places in advance, and people will make the rest of their journey by public transport or under their own steam.  A number of tube stations close to the assembly point are accessible (see TFL step free guide) and we will allocate coaches to drop off points near to accessible stations if we know about special needs in advance.

Coach organizers should let the TUC know of any access issues as soon as possible through the contact page of this site.

We will be using a range of different drop-off points and parking arrangements around London for coaches.  One reason for this is to make it easier for access for vehicles bringing and picking up disabled people to get to the march – and more importantly to get to pick-up points.

Pick up points

We will be able to arrange pick-up points for taxi/dial-a-ride and minibus style vehicles either within Hyde Park (though space is very limited) or nearby.  This will only be by pre-arrangement and with a permit issued by the TUC.  Again you will need to contact us in advance by 10th October


Please use the contact form to let us know of any other issues you may anticipate and we will do our best to help.

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March forms up from 11am on Victoria Embankment, before heading to a rally in Hyde Park. More info on getting there.

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